In the era of Internet, you can find many free tools to download YouTube videos online. But when it comes to download the entire YouTube playlist, most of them cannot do that. It's time-consuming to download one video by one video in YouTube playlist. This is why you need a powerful YouTube playlist downloader to help you download the entire YouTube Playlist within clicks. For saving your time, we pick VideoSolo Inovideo after testing many tools to help you out.

[Fast!] How to Download YouTube Playlist Videos in a Few Clicks

VideoSolo Inovideo is an expert not only in downloading YouTube video to MP3 or MP4, but also in downloading the complete YouTube playlist. With Inovideo, you just need to input the playlist link and then you can download all the videos or selected videos in it. It supports users to select the output video resolution and download in bulk. With advanced technology, it can download YouTube playlists in super-fast speed.

Without delay, let's move on the step-by-step tutorial on downloading YouTube Playlist.

# Step 1. Open VideoSolo Inovideo

To get started, install and launch VideoSolo Inovideo on your computer. VideoSolo Inovideo has trial version so that you can test whether it is useful.

# Step 2. Copy YouTube Playlist URL

Go to YouTube and open one of the videos of the playlist you want to download. Then right-click the video to copy its link.

Copy YouTube Playlist Link

Note: VideoSolo Inovideo currently doesn't support downloading the playlist built by yourself.

# Step 3. Paste URL to YouTube Playlist Downloader

Then turn back to VideoSolo Inovideo and paste the YouTube playlist link in the blank box. Hit the "Analyze" Button to analyze the link and then you will see the pop-up window below. You can select download a single video or the entire playlist. Since we are talking about how to download entire YouTube playlist, you should just click "PlayList" button.

Analyze YouTube Playlist Link

# Step 4. Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3/MP4

Once analyzed successfully, it will pop up a new window for you to select the playlist video and output format/quality.

If you want to convert YouTube Playlist to MP4, you should choose "video" and then decide on its format and quality. MP4 and Webm are now provided by VideoSolo Inovideo. You can select all the videos or select some of them at will to download. Or if you want to download YouTube playlist to MP3, you should choose "audio" from the drop-down list of Downloader. Tap on "Download" to start downloading.

Select YouTube Playlist Output Format

# Step 5. Enjoy YouTube Playlist Video/Audio

After that, the YouTube playlist video/audio will complete downloading within seconds. You can find them in the "Finished" tab.

Finished Tab

Disclaimer: You must have the permission of the video/audio owner before downloading.

Extra Tips - Find More YouTube Playlist that Contains Your Interested Videos

As I mentioned above, YouTube playlist sorts the same thematic videos into one collection. If you know how to find more YouTube playlist that contains your desired videos, you can find many videos you like then.

If you want to look for the playlist of specific account, you can directly enter into the user's channel and click "PLAYLISTS" to browse all the playlists.

Or you want some playlist contains specific theme, you can use "Filter" in YouTube. Here are the steps:

1.Search something you are interested in on the search box of YouTube.

2.Click Filter > TYPE Category > Playlist.

3.In the "SORT BY" tab, you can sort the playlist by relevance, upload date, view count or rating to find the accurate playlist you want.

YouTube Playlist Filter

With VideoSolo Inovideo, you can easily download entire YouTube playlist to MP3/MP4 to your computer. Why not have a try?

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