You may know how to download videos from YouTube. But downloading YouTube with subtitles seems to be hard. To download such YouTube subtitles becomes an increasing need in today's society as people across countries embrace a broader attitude towards YouTube videos. You may want to download YouTube videos like TED Talks videos or news with different subtitles to improve the language skills. No matter what purpose, VideoSolo Inovideo will help you download YouTube videos with subtitles in an easy and quick way.

Simple Method – How to Download YouTube Video with Subtitles

VideoSolo Inovideo is a simple but powerful online video downloader that can help users download YouTube videos with subtitles. You don't need to download the video and then extract the subtitle from technical operations. What you need to do is to put the link into program and select the subtitle you want to save. It supports batch downloading. Within simple clicks, you can get YouTube videos with subtitles in high-quality for offline playback.

Note: Before downloading the YouTube video subtitles, please make sure the original video contains a separate subtitle file. To see if you can extract soft subtitles from YouTube, just check if the video's control area contains the "CC" box icon or check if the gear-shaped icon has subtitles that can be selected.

# Step 1. Launch Inovideo on Computer

After installation, open the program and then you can see the clean interface.

Main Interface of VideoSolo Inovideo

**Notice: ** VideoSolo Inovideo has Windows version and Mac version. If you are a Mac user, you need to click "Video Downloader" to enter into the download interface.

In YouTube, open the video with subtitle you want to download. Copy the video URL from the address bar of your browser.

Copy YouTube Link

# Step 3. Fill in the Address Box

Go back to the program. You need to paste the YouTube link to the input box and hit the "Analyze" button to wait the analysis.

Paste YouTube Link into the Video Downloader

# Step 4. Choose YouTube Video Subtitle and Quality

Once the analysis done, you can select video subtitle, quality and format. One subtitle can be chosen at one time. VideoSolo Inovideo now supports MP4 and WebM format for Windows version while MKV and MP4 in Mac. For Windows users, you can choose one of them. And for Mac, you can only choose MKV for downloading YouTube with subtitle.

Then tap on "Download" to go on. The download process will be represented on the interface.

Select YouTube Subtitle and Quality

# Step 5. Play YouTube Video with Subtitle

You can find the YouTube videos you downloaded in "Finished" tab. For Mac users, you can directly open it to enjoy. While for Windows users, you will find the video file and subtitle file (save as .vtt formats) are separated into two files. So you need to make sure they are in the same folder so that you can select the subtitle when playing in the media player.

Play back YouTube Video with Subtitle

Lean Further - What are the Common Genres of Subtitles

Subtitle in the bottom help audience understand the play or video better. For adapting to different kinds of video, subtitles are divided into three types: Hard Subtitles, Prerendered Subtitles and Soft Subtitles.

# Hardcoded Subtitles

Hardcoded subtitles mean the subtitles are embedded into the video itself. These subtitles are no longer an independent file. They will be always there and you have no options to turn it off or on. It cannot be edited again unless you destroy the video pictures.

# Prerendered Subtitles

Prerendered Subtitles are separate video frames that are overlaid on the original video stream while playing. They are used on DVD or Blu-ray and they are contained in the same file as the video stream. It's available to turn them off or switch other languages subtitle.

# Soft Subtitles or Closed Subtitles

Soft subtitles, also called as closed subtitles or soft subs, are independent text which is separated from the video. In other words, you can turn them on or off and edit the file at will.

Having introducing how to download YouTube video with subtitles by VideoSolo Inovideo, you may have idea with this powerful video downloader. It can not only download videos from YouTube, but Instagram, VK, Vimeo, Pornhub and other popular online video websites. Try it and enjoy your time!

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