"Why are my YouTube videos disappearing from inside some of my playlists? My whole playlist isn't disappearing, just a majority of videos inside my playlists."

YouTube Private Video

There are tons of videos on YouTube and you might have saved some you love to your playlist or bookmark. But sometimes the YouTuber sets the video to private for some reason. Once they do, the video will disappear from your playlists, Liked Videos, or the history. Luckily, Inovideo can help you download private videos of others off YouTube for offline watching without account logging in.

How to Download Private YouTube Videos of Others?

With a professional YouTube private video downloader, you can download the videos to your computer easily. Inovideo is the one that I am going to recommend today, which works perfectly on both Windows and Mac.

This is an intuitive program that allows you to download YouTube videos including the playlists, channels, video subtitles even the private, unlisted, and blocked ones. Besides, it's also able to download private videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc.

Additionally, public videos from 1000+ other websites can also be downloaded to MP4 or MP3. If you've got dozens of videos to be downloaded, Inovideo allows you to download them in bulk with high speed according to your network and high quality to 1080p, 4K, and even 8K resolution.

Video Introduction of Inovideo

YouTube video

Now you can free download Inovideo, install it and follow the guides to download private YouTube videos of others or of your own.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Private YouTube Video

Move your mouse cursor over the address bar on your browser. Highlight the URL and then hit "Ctrl + C" to copy it.

Copy Private YouTube Video URL

Step 2. Paste the URL to Private Video Downloader

Head to Inovideo and paste the URL to the search box. Then hit the "Analyze" button.

Paste YouTube Private Video URL

Step 3. Select Output Format and Quality

After a while, it will pop up a conversation where you can select the output format as MP3 or MP4. Under that part, you can pick the video of one or multiple qualities. Then hit the download button.

Download Private YouTube Video to MP4

Optional Step. Download the Subtitle with the Video

If there are multi-language subtitles for the private YouTube video, you can tick the check box before "Original Subtitle", and select the language you want from the options on the right.

Also, you can merge the subtitle into the video via "the gear icon > General".

Merge Subtitle into Private YouTube Video

How to Download Your Own Private YouTube Videos Directly?

You can download your own private videos with Inovideo or on YouTube online directly. YouTube allows YouTubers to do that in the studio easily. Now open the YouTube homepage and I will walk you through each step needed.

Step 1 Click the hamburger menu icon on the upper left corner from the homepage or your channel. Then hit "Your Video" and you will go to the studio page.

Step 2 On the video tab, find the private video that you wish to download. Click on the three dots and then tap the download button.

Download Private YouTube Video Direcly Online

Download Private YouTube Video Without Knowing Its URL

If the private is a single video instead of an item you saved to your own playlist, you must have the video URL for downloading. Try finding it in your browser history.

Chances are you hadn't added the YouTube video from others' playlists to your bookmark but it turned to private (disappeared from the playlist). You can still download it with the URL of the playlist on Inovideo.

Step 1 Copy the playlist URL or the URL of any video from the same playlist where the video you want disappears. Then paste it to Inovideo.

Step 2. You will see a conversation requiring you to choose to download the playlist or a single video. Hit "playlist". And after the analysis, you can see all videos from the playlist on the Inovideo downloading box.

Download YouTube Playlist

Step 3 Find and tick the private video you need, then download it.

But if the video was deleted but not set to private, I am sorry that you can't download videos that are permanently removed from YouTube.

FAQs on Downloading YouTube Private Videos

How to Download Private YouTube Videos on a Smartphone

On Android phones, you can download Termux from the Google Play Store; on iPhones, download A-Shell from the App store. Then type the codes as we do on the CMD on a computer. The codes only vary on step 4 for both OSes.

Step 1 Type termux-setup-storage and hit enter.

Step 2. Input cd ~/storage/downloads and then enter.

Step 3 Text pkg install python -y then enter.

Step 4 Type pip install –upgrade youtube-dl on Android but pip install youtube-dl on iPhone; then enter.

Step 5 Input youtube-dl [Private Video URL] -u [your account] -p [your password] but replace the information in the square brackets.

Why There's Only One Song from the Playlist Saved from Others?

It may be because the playlist has been turned into a private playlist. In this case, you can download the songs from it with Inovideo and enjoy them offline. All you need to do is copy and paste the original playlist URL to this software, and download them accordingly.

Disclaimer: You must have the permission of the video/audio owner before downloading videos from YouTube.

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