Liveleak (now turns to be ItemFix) is a video-sharing website like YouTube, on which people can share and post the reality-based videos that they want to share the most in real life. It would be a pity that Liveleak still provides no download options to download Liveleak videos, and people also fail to find a reliable way to do it. So, in today's article, there are three hand-picked Liveleak downloaders introduced. You will get the easiest way to download videos from Liveleak.

Top 1. Liveleak Downloader - How to Download Liveleak Videos

The first Liveleak video downloader is a desktop software, whose name is Inovideo. It is available for Windows and Mac users to download videos with URLs from not only Liveleak but also 1000+ hot websites with a simple process. With an easy-to-use interface, it's able to download videos or audio at a high speed stably. Besides, Inovideo is a completely safe app for video downloading. You won't see any ad or get potential risk using it.

Liveleak Downloader Inovideo


  • It's intuitive and ads-free
  • Convert Liveleak to MP4/MP3
  • Download Liveleak videos of high quality such as 4K, 1080p
  • Batch download videos
  • Save videos from Liveleak as well as YouTube, Instagram, Pornhub, Dailymotion
  • Grab playlist/subtitle if any
  • Provide free version


  • Need software installation

Now free download Inovideo and let me walk you through the steps on downloading Liveleak videos.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Liveleak video from the browser address bar

Step 2. Paste the URL to the search box on Inovideo

Step 3. Select the output format and quality on the pop-up window

Step 4. Hit the download button and enjoy.

Select Video Output Format

Also download from:

Top 2. Keepvid Liveleak Video Downloader

Sometimes you may be using your family's computer or that of your friend and they don't want software installation. You can try an online video downloader, Keepvid. This is a popular online video download website that allows you to paste URLs for Liveleak video downloads. Although online Liveleak downloaders sometimes may meet some problems such as instability, low efficiency, or messy NSFW ads.

Online Liveleak Downloader Keepvid


  • Free
  • Software installation free
  • Compatible on both Mac and Windows


  • Contains pop-up ads which may cause data/device security concern
  • Switches to different pages for clicking to analyze again

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Top 3. VideoSolo Screen Recorder

The third way is to use a screen recorder that allows you to download any video from websites. With this kind of tool, you can download any Liveleak videos and even that from Udemy, Fmovies, and so on. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a great program that provides versatile recording functions such as video/audio recording and annotation adding.

Liveleak Video Recorder


  • Save any video online including Liveleak
  • Add watermarks/annotations to Liveleak video
  • Convert Liveleak to GIF
  • Free for video recording shorter than 3 minutes


  • Need to install software
  • Takes more time for video downloading

A Comparison of Liveleak Downloaders

After knowing the 3 best Liveleak Rippers, you may have picked one for the first run. Now you can get to know more about them and make a full comparison.

  Inovideo Keepvid VideoSolo Screen Recorder
Format to download Liveleak videos MP4, WebM MP4 WMV, GIF, MP4, AVI
Quality 8K at max with other options No options 1080p
Convenience Directly download videos with URLs Redirect twice before analyzing URL Spend time recording
Safety Totally safe without ads Ads and unknown website directs included Totally safe without ads
Other supported websites 1,000+ 100+ Any
Overall score 4.9 4.7 4.8

What is Liveleak? Is It Dead?

Liveleak is a British website, which is developed for people to share video clips for each other to stream for having fun. Originally, the content on Liveleak is about current affairs, politics, world events, and so on, some would contain violent elements. However, after 15 years, the site was shut down and all the content has been removed. Now Liveleak is run in the name of ItemFix, which doesn't contain excessive violence or gory videos anymore. People can browse for funny clips on ItemFix without worrying to see any violent videos.


When Liveleak becomes better at providing more positive video content, people now also get reliable ways to download Liveleak videos easily. Both desktop downloaders for Liveleak video downloads are recommended. But by comparison, Inovideo is safer and faster and provides video downloads from other websites. Anyway, choose the way you like and try it now.

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