Reddit is a platform that focuses on social news and discussion with many photos, articles, or videos. Sometimes you may want to share the videos on Reddit with your friends or save them on your phones or computers, but you never found the download button.

Well, you can just take the assistance of a reliable and easy-to-use Reddit video downloader which enables you to download videos from Reddit on Mac/Windows computers. Or finish that with the mobile Reddit ripper to grab videos on your phone.

Download Reddit Video Safely on Mac/Windows (YouTube Included)

Inovideo is a reliable and clean Reddit video downloader which allows users to download Reddit videos to MP4 with audio on computers. It can achieve various output resolution (related to the original video) such as 8K, 4K, 1080P and 720P resolution, etc. This intuitive and powerful desktop program also supports batch download and works at a fast speed for video or music from online websites like YouTube, Facebook and so on.

Bonus Features
Download video or audio from Reddit
Grab videos/audio/subtitles from 1000+ websites
Save video to high quality
Download private YouTube/Facebook/Instagram video
Convert playlists/albums/channels

Here's how to download videos from reddit:

Step 1. Get the Reddit Video Downloader Inovideo Ready

Download Inovideo from the above button and install it. Launch it and you will see the interface below.

Reddit Video Downloader App Inovideo

Step 2. Copy the URL from the Reddit Video

Head to Reddit and open the video you want to download to your computer. Copy the Reddit video link from the address bar on your browser. You should copy the entire link. If you are watching the video from your phone, you can upvote the post and find it easily from your upvoted page on the Reddit website.

Copy Reddit Video URL

Step 3. Paste and Analyze Reddit Video Link

Then go back to Inovideo and paste the link to the search box. Tap on the "Analyze" button to start analyzing.

Paste Reddit Video URL

Step 4. Download Reddit Videos with Audio

After analyzing, you can select the output quality and format in the pop-up window.

Video formats MP4 and WebM can be selected from the list and audio format MP3 is provided. When you select a quality, hit the "Download" button. If the video has a subtitle file, you can also select the language you need and download it with the video.

Download Videos from Reddit

  • You can merge the subtitle into the YouTube video if you go to the gear icon on the upper right corner and check the box under "General".

How to Get Sound from Reddit Videos

Inovideo supports downloading audio to MP3 from Reddit, which allows you to grab the music from the video directly with a simple URL. There are multiple output quality choices from it such as 320kbps, 256kbps, and 128kbps, etc. Now follow the guide below and download your favorite sound on Reddit.

Step 1 After you open the music video webpage from Reddit on your browser, copy the URL from the address bar.

Step 2 Pate the URL to the search box on Inovideo and hit "Analyze".

Step 3 On the pop-up window, click the down arrow next to "Download" and change the option from "video" to "audio". Select the output quality and click the download button at the bottom right.

Get Sound on Reddit Videos

How to Save a Video from Reddit on iPhone/Android?

On the other hand, you can download the Reddit videos on your handset as well. Here I am going to introduce a download app and the Reddit video bot. With these two methods, you can only download the Reddit videos to MP4. If you only want to download the audio, you can come to Inovideo.

Download Reddit Videos with Reddit Downloader App

Slide for Reddit is a mobile app that supports both iOS and Android. It works with your Reddit account logging in, and find the video you are to download. Before that, you should give the storage permission to it.

Here's a simple guide on how to download Reddit videos on iPhones/Android:

Step 1 Launch the app and login to your Reddit account by clicking on the hamburger menu icon on the upper left corner, and hit "Add an account". Then go to the subreddit where you want to download a video.

Log in Reddit Account

Step 2 Got back to the Reddit app and, then relaunch Slide for Reddit.

Step 3 On Slide for Reddit, click the three dots on the upper right corner. Hit "Search" and type the video title. Then tap on "Search xxx (replace xxx with the subreddit name).

Search for Reddit Video on mobile

Step 4 Play the video and click the three dots at the bottom right corner, then hit "Save MP4".


Save Videos from Reddit on iPhone/Android with Bot

If you found the downloader application complicated, you can also try the Reddit downloader bot, which will take you to an online Reddit downloader website to download the video. This is convenient but may bring risks to your phone as there are some ads on the website and you can easily be led to its ad links even adware or malware installation.

Here's how to use the bot:

Step 1 Click on comments icon and then "Add a comment".

Step 2 Type "u/SaveVideo" and post the comment.

Step 3 After a while, you will receive a message on your inbox. Click on the blue "View link" and you can download the video online.

Download Video from Reddit Online

Wrap Up

With Inovideo, the Desktop Reddit Video Downloader, you can grab videos from Reddit safely and fast and enjoy video downloads from other websites easily. What's more, you can download the music file from Reddit with this versatile program. You can also try downloading Reddit videos on your phone, but there may be some potential risks. So, Inovideo is the best choice.

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