There are hundreds of millions of people who share or discover various interesting pictures and videos on Instagram. When you want to download your favorite videos from Instagram, you would find there have not a button to download. Then you may think of the third-party tool that can help you download Instagram videos, I believe this is one of the reasons why you are here. Therefore, I will provide a solution to you and you can learn how to download Instagram videos on PC, even the IGTV videos.

# Best Solution to Download Instagram Videos Online

VideoSolo Inovideo is a desktop video downloader which supports you to download online videos from most popular websites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. You can download Instagram video and save as MP4 with multiple resolutions, like 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P. Also, depending on the original videos, you can even download Instagram video to MP3 with high quality. Moreover, a pleasant surprise is that you are able to batch download with fast download speed. The clear and easy-to-use interface without any interference of advertising gives you a relaxing experience. Get it now by clicking the download button below and follow my step to next section.

# Download Instagram/IGTV Video on PC with VideoSolo Inovideo

Now, let's learn how to download Instagram or IGTV video on Windows/Mac with VideoSolo Inovideo.

# Step 1. Copy Instagram/IGTV Video URL

Firstly, open VideoSolo Inovideo on your desktop and make it ready. Then go to an Instagram/IGTV video page you want to download, select all the line of the video link on the address bar. Right click on the link and choose the "Copy" option.

Copy Video URL

# Step 2. Paste Instagram/IGTV Video URL

Back to the main interface of VideoSolo Inovideo, paste the video URL into the input box of "Copy and Paste URL here". After that, moving your mouse to the "Analyze" button and click it. At the same time, you need to make sure the internet connection is well so that the program can grab the video from Instagram.

Analyzing video

# Step 3. Select Output Format and Download

When the "Analyze" done, there will pop up a window with the download selection. You can select one format as the output format and click the "Download" button to download. And note that some videos allow you to download videos to MP4 and MP3, but some videos only have MP4 video download selections.

Select Output Format

Once you click the "Download" button, you will see the downloading progress. In addition, as mentioned before, you can continue to add more videos to download. It supports batch download and you can save a lot of waiting time if you need to download many videos.

Downloading Video

# Step 4. Watch the Downloaded Videos

Finally, after downloading, you can go to the "Finished" box to find the downloaded videos or audios. So you can enjoy Instagram/IGTV videos on your computer offline now.

Finished Box

That's the step-by-step guide to show you how to download Instagram video with VideoSolo Inovideo. It's very easy to grab online videos from websites that you just need a few clicks. For the new users, VideoSolo Inovideo offers the trial version for free using within 15 days to download videos or audios. Take a try and experience more wonderful features now.

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