We usually watch videos on Dailymotion online, but suppose we are traveling on an airplane, or we're on a road with unstable internet connection and want to listen to a lecture or watch something interesting. How to achieve that? It's easy to download videos from Dailymotion on an iPhone, Android, or iPad, if you're using the Dailymotion app on these devices.

But if you want to download Dailymotion video on computer, its download function is not available yet. Don't worry. In this article, we will teach you how to download a video from Dailymotion to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Please note it's forbidden to share the downloaded contents with others on any public platform, especially for commercial use.

Method 1. Download Dailymotion Video with the Dailymotion App

Mobile users can download their favorite videos from the Dailymotion app on their iPhones, Android smartphones, or tablets directly and effortlessly.

If you've downloaded Dailymotion app on your device, please jump to step 2. If not, you can follow step 1 to continue.

Step 1. Download Dailymotion for free from App Store (iPhone/iPad) or the Play Store (Android).

Step 2. Launch the app, sign in to your account and search for a video that you are interested in to download using the keyword.

Search for Video on the Dailymotion App

  • If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one in advance.

Step 3. Tap the video to open it, and you'll find an icon of download below the video. Click it to download this video to your smartphone or tablet for offline viewing.

Download Video on the Dailymotion App

  • A Checkmark icon and the word Downloaded will appear when the download is complete.

Step 4. Minimize the video by tapping the back arrow. Then go back to the main page, and tap Library at the bottom right corner.

Click the Library on Dailymotion

Step 5. Tap "Downloads", where you'll find all the downloaded videos for offline viewing. Now you can tap one of them to play regardless of network connection.

Play Video on the Dailymotion App

Method 2. Download Dailymotion Video with Inovideo

However, if you're using a computer and prefer to watch Dailymotion videos on it, you need to download videos with the help of the third-party software. Inovideo might be a good choice, which is a simple yet powerful online video download tool with an intuitive interface. It allows you to download high-quality videos from 1000+ mainstream websites in MP4 and MP3 formats at a fast speed.

Key Features of Inovideo:

  • Premium-quality video output: Available to download videos/movies/TV shows with high quality, like 720p, 1080p, 4K, 8K, even up to 320kbps for audio download.
  • Batch download: All the videos that are added to the download list can be downloaded concurrently. The download process of each video is controllable.
  • High success rate & speed: Download videos with 100% success rate and super-fast speed under a stable network environment.
  • GPU acceleration technology: 5X speed is general and 10X or higher speed is available with better GPUs by using GPU acceleration technology.
  • Security assurance: SSL encryption is used to keep downloaded files safe and virus-free.

The details to download Dailymotion videos to computer are as follows:

Step 1. Download and launch Inovideo.

Step 2. Log in to your Dailymotion account on webpage, and search for a video using keywords, and click it to copy the video link from address bar.

Copy URL of Dailymotion

Step 3. Go back to the main interface of Inovideo and paste the URL, and then click the Analyze button to continue.

Detect Playlist of YouTube

Step 4. Select video output format and resolution in the pop-up window. And click Download button to start downloading.

  • Inovideo supports MP3, MP4 and WebM (Windows only).

Select Output Format

Step 5. When the download is complete, you can check the downloaded videos in Finished tab.

Finish Downloading on Windows

Method 3. Download Dailymotion Video with Browser Extension

Besides the third-party software, a browser-based downloader like Offline Downloader could be an alternative. It is a Chrome extension that converts videos to downloadable MP4 format. The specific steps to download Dailymotion videos using Offline Downloader are listed below:

Step 1. Search for Offline Downloader on your PC's Google Chrome Web Store, and add it to extension.

Add Offline Downloader to Extension

Step 2. Go to Dailymotion webpage, and search for videos by typing keywords and click a video to play.

Play Video on the Dailymotion App

Step 3. Remove ?playlist=xxxxx from the URL if it is because chrome extension can't download playlist, and then press Enter or Return to refresh the page.

Remove Playlist from URL

  • If you want to download playlist from Dailymotion, you can refer to the FAQ below in this article.

Step 4. Click the orange-and-white T icon to launch the Offline Downloader window.

Launch Offline Downloader

Step 5. Click the name of the video in the bottom half of the Offline Downloader window.

Click the Name of Video with Offline Downloader

Step 6. Click the orange DOWNLOAD button in the new tab. And the video will be downloaded to your computer in MP4 format.

Download Video with Offline Downloader Extension

Unlike Inovideo, Offline Downloader doesn't support to download videos in batches. It can't be used to download Dailymotion playlist either.

Method 4. Download Dailymotion Video with Online Video Downloader

The function of the online video downloader is a bit like browser extension, and it also can't download videos in batches. Ads often pop up in the interface of the online video downloader, therefore it is vulnerable to viruses.

However, the online video downloader like SaveFrom.net could be also a choice to download Dailymotion videos online without any app installed. It takes three steps to get your video saved:

Step 1. Visit SaveFrom.net website via your browser, and open Dailymotion website in a new tab.

SaveFrom Homage

Step 2. Search for a video in Dailymotion, copy its URL from the address bar, and paste the URL into the input field of SaveFrom.net.

Input Dailymotion URL to SaveFrom

Step 3. Click the Download button. You will get a list of quality options you can choose. You can select the resolution and file format for downloaded videos.

Download Dailymotion URL on SaveFrom

FAQs on Downloading Dailymotion Video

How to Save Dailymotion Playlist with Its URL

If you need to download a playlist from Dailymotion, you can save it with its URL using Inovideo.

Step 1. Copy the URL of a Dailymotion playlist from the address bar.

Step 2. Launch Inovideo and paste the URL. Then click Analyze to continue.

Step 3. A window will pop up and two options will be provided: Playlist and Single Video. Then select Playlist to let it grab all the videos in the playlist.

Step 4. Select videos that you want to download in the playlist. You can choose all or some of them. Then you can customize output format and quality for those videos.

  • If there are subtitles, Inovideo can detect them automatically.

Step 5. Click Download to confirm and wait for a few minutes. Then you can check the downloaded video of the playlist in the Finished tab.

How to Watch the Downloaded Dailymotion Video

You can find and watch your downloaded Dailymotion videos on the Dailymotion app by following these steps.

Step 1. Launch Dailymotion app on your phone or tablet and log in to your account.

Step 2. Go to Library tab, and here you will find and play all the downloaded videos in Downloads section.

  • The downloaded videos are available for 30 days in Dailymotion app for offline viewing. If you still want to watch the videos, you have to connect to the internet and download them again.

But with Inovideo, you don't have to waste time to download the videos again and again. The videos will be downloaded in MP3/MP4 or other normal formats, and you can save them in any device for offline playback permanently.

Thus, these videos are available forever. You can follow the Method 2 to download Dailymotion video using Inovideo and find the downloaded one following the guide below:

Step 1. All the downloaded videos will be listed in the Finished tab.

Step 2. You can check the videos here or open the file where the videos are saved and play them on any other player.


In this tutorial, we have introduced 4 methods to download videos from Dailymotion to your phone, computer or tablet. To download videos on iPhone, Android smartphones, or tablet, we can easily finish this job in Dailymotion app. But if you want to download Dailymotion videos to your PC, online Dailymotion video downloader will be a good choice for people who need to download single video.

Compared with other two methods, Inovideo can download not only single video, but also playlist on Dailymotion. Straightforward and user-friendly interface helps you to save what you want. You can get a free trial of Inovideo forever! Enjoy your offline Dailymotion videos right now!