Dailymotion, like most other video-sharing websites, doesn't offer the option to download videos directly. If you wish to download Dailymotion videos to MP4, which is a format supported by most digital devices, you will need to use a video downloader like Inovideo.

With the correct and safe Dailymotion video downloader, you can download your favorite movie trailers, music videos, exciting sports films, and other wonderful content from Dailymotion with the video URL. Go ahead and you will learn how to download the video to MP4 safely and quickly.

Download Dailymotion Videos with Professional Software (Safe& High Quality)

With professional video downloader Inovideo, not only can you download Dailymotion videos to MP4 with simple clicks, but also you can save online videos from about 50 well-known websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. Besides, there are multiple video resolutions and audio quality available to batch download on this software.

Download it now and we will walk you through each step on how to download Dailymotion videos on Inovideo.

Step 1. Copy Dailymotion Video URL

Go to visit Dailymotion on your browser and open a video you want to download. Click the address bar of the video page and right-click on it to copy the URL.

Copy URL of Dailymotion Video

Step 2. Paste Dailymotion Video URL to the Download Box

Open Inovideo on your desktop, paste the video URL into the input box of the "Copy and Paste URL here". Then click the "Analyze" button to grab the Dailymotion video.

Paste URL of Dailymotion Video

  • If you found a pop-up conversation saying that it has detected multiple playlists, you might've copied a URL after clicking on the video on the Featured page (you can see "?playlist=" in the URL you copied).

  • Once you hover your cursor over the options, you will find the first one is for the video you need. Select the first option and click Analyze. Or, directly delete the part after the question mark and itself and click Analyze.

  • Download Playlist from Dailymotion

Step 3. Choose Dailymotion Video Resolution

After analyzing the video, there will be a pop-up window with the options of formats and resolution. You may download Dailymotion videos to MP4 with 4K, 2K, 1080P, 720P, etc. depending on the original video quality.

Select Dailymotion Video Resolution

Step 4. Download Dailymotion Videos

Click the "Download" button and you can see the downloading process in the download box.

Moreover, Inovideo supports batch download. You can continue to add more videos to the downloading box when the previous one is downloading. At the same time, you can pause/resume or stop the process.

Download Dailymotion Videos

FAQs on Downloading Dailymotion Videos

Can I Save Dailymotion Videos with Extension?

Yes. If you are not a quality nerd and wish to find a way to download Dailymotion videos without downloading software, try a Chrome extension Video Downloader Plus. With this tool, you can easily download videos from Chrome of average quality for free. If you need a video that's of 720p or higher quality, you will need to pay for it.

Chrome Extension Video Downloader Plus

Here is a simple guide on how to download Dailymotion videos with Video Downloader Plus:

Step 1. Add extension Video Downloader Plus on your Chrome.

Step 2. Go to the webpage of the Dailymotion video and click on the extension.

Step 3. Wait for a moment and click the download button.

Can I Download Dailymotion Videos Online?

There are various online downloaders that allow you to download Dailymotion videos online. They are easy to use and you don't need to download programs or software at all.

But the reason why we don't recommend them is that you may need to view the Ads on the website then you can download the video. Worse, some of them may steal your personal information or hurt your computer with a virus. If you really want to use an online Dailymotion downloader, be aware of choosing a trustworthy one.

Can I Download All Videos from a Channel?

Yes. Inovideo video downloader allows you to download video from a video, a playlist, or a user channel page.

The URL of a channel page starts with "https://www.dailymotion.com/" and ends with the channel name while the playlist URL ends with "/playlist/" + the playlist ID (a combination of letters& numbers). You can directly copy the URL of the channel or playlist page and paste it onto Inovideo then download all the videos from it.


With Inovideo, you can download online videos from Dailymotion quickly and keep the high output quality for free in 15 days. If you would like to subscribe to it, there's a month plan, a year plan, and a lifetime plan for you. A Chrome extension can also help you download Dailymotion videos even though there's a quality limit for the free version. Either way, hope this post helps!