Pornhub provides plenty of videos online, but it's annoying when you are watching with a poor network connection. The best solution is to download Pornhub videos for offline playback. But Pornhub doesn't allow that. That's why you need a third-party Pornhub video downloader. In this post, we will share useful Pornhub video downloaders and show you the detailed steps on how to download Pornhub offline.

How to Download Pornhub Videos to Computer in Bulk [Free]

Here we are to introduce a 100% safe and powerful Pornhub video downloader that helps you download Pornhub videos in batches within simple clicks – Inovideo. With this software, you can enjoy the Pornhub videos offline with no ads on Windows/Mac. Besides, you will be able to:

Inovideo Pornhub Video Downloader

Fully download Pornhub videos with resolution 1080P HD
Convert videos to MP3 of high quality up to 320kbps
Batch download videos from Pornhub to MP4
Download model's channel, pornstar page, or a playlist
Grab videos from websites such as YouTube, Reddit, etc.
Download files freely and safely at a fast speed

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.12 or above; Windows 11/10/8/7/XP (SP3 or below)

Now we will walk you through the detailed guide on how to download Pornhub videos.

# Step 1. Download Pornhub Video Downloader

You need to download Inovideo from the above button according to your device. After that, click the installation file to install the program on your computer. Then launch it to prepare for downloading the Pornhub video.

# Step 2. Copy a Pornhub URL to Download

Go to Pornhub and open the video you want to download. Then, right-click on the video and copy its video URL.

Copy Pornhub Link

# Step 3. Paste the Pornhub Link to Video Downloader

Now you can paste the Pornhub video URL into the blank box and tap on "Analyze" to grab the Pornhub video.

Paste URL to Pornhub Video Downloader

# Step 4. Select Video Output Format and Quality

Once the analysis is completed, it will pop up a window where you can choose the output format and quality. Format MP4 and WEBM are supported and you can select multiple qualities as well.

Select Output Quality for Pornhub Video

# Step 5. Download Pornhub Video

After choosing the video quality and format you desired, click "Download" at the bottom right. You will see the download progress on the interface of the program. When the download is finished, you can find the Pornhub videos in the "Finished" tab. Click "Open folder" and you can enjoy the videos on your computer now. If you want to enjoy them on your mobile devices, just transfer them.

Finish Downloading Pornhub Videos

How to Save Videos from Pornhub Offline on iOS/Android?

If you want to save good-quality Pornhub videos on your iPhone or Android, you can also use Inovideo introduced in part 1 to download them on your computer first. Then transfer them to your mobile devices. If you don't mind the ads on the Pornhub video page, you can also use a screen recorder to record Pornhub videos.

# Download Pornhub Video on iPhone

For iPhone users, you can use the in-built screen recorder to record the Pornhub video for offline watching. If you can't find the button for screen recording on the Control Center screen, you can add it via Settings > Control Center.

Download Pornhub Videos on iPhone

# Save Video from Pornhub on Android

Most Android phones also contain a built-in screen recorder and you can find it if you swipe down from the top of the screen or swipe up from the bottom, then use it to save videos from Pornhub. If you can't find one on your phone, try the AZ Screen Recorder, which is stable and can help you with a high-quality screen record.

Install AZ Screen Recorder

Other Alternative Ways to Download Pornhub to MP4

If you need some alternative ways to download from Pornhub, you can try the below recommendations. Even though they can't download Pornhub videos with HD quality, they still work in 2022.

Download Pornhub with VideoHunter Pornhub Downloader

VideoHunter is a desktop Pornhub movie downloader that requires app installation on your computer. It supports downloading Pornhub to MP4 in batches. And you can download any Pornhub video on it for free after you register. Videos from other websites such as Vimeo and Instagram can be downloaded with this downloader.

  • In the free version, you can only download them up to 480P even though the original one is of high quality. And it only offers 3 free downloads a day.

VideoHunter Interface

A simple guide on how to download Pornhub videos on VideoHunter.

Step 1 Sign up and log in to your account on this Pornhub video downloader.

Step 2 Copy the video link from Pornhub, then paste it into the search box.

Step 3 Hit the Analyze button and wait for a while.

Step 4 Select a resolution and hit the download button.

Download from Pornhub with 6Buses Video Downloader

There's a web-based Pornhub video downloader and a Pro desktop-based one developed by 6Buses that allows you to download videos from Pornhub. You can download full porn in HD with the Pro one, or you can try batch downloading Pornhub on it. Besides, you can also download videos from other sites using 6Buses Pro Video Downloader.

  • However, you can only download short porn in SD one by one without the batch downloading feature on its online Pornhub video downloader. Worse, there are lots of ads on it.

6Buses Pornhub Video Downloader

Here's how to download Pornhub videos using 6Buses:

Step 1 Play the video on Pornhub, then copy the URL from the address bar.

Step 2 Open 6Buses Pornhub video downloader and paste the URL to the search bar. And hit the download arrow button.

Step 3 After the parsing, scroll download a little and select the video quality, and hit the download button to get the Pornhub download saved on your computer.

Download Videos from Pornhub with SavePorn.Net

SavePorn.Net is an online Pornhub video downloader that enables you to download Pornhub to MP4 without any software. It's easy to use and supports downloading Pornhub video to 1080p. Just like 6Buses, it separates its full features on its desktop app. So, if you wish to download porn in batches at a high speed, you should install its software.

  • You can just download videos in 1080P at most. And you can't batch download Pornhub videos. Besides, there are many ads on it.

SavePorn Homepage

Below is how to download Pornhub videos on SavePorn.

Step 1 Copy the Pornhub video link.

Step 2 Open SavePorn and paste the link to the box.

Step 3 Hit the icon of search and wait.

Step 4 Download the desired resolution and when you see the new tab, click "Click here to start the download" on the top right corner.

Step 5 Click the three dots at the bottom right corner of the video from the newly popped-up tab, and hit "Download".

FAQs on Downloading Pornhub Video

Q: What Are the Cons Using an Online Pornhub Video Downloader?

On the Google search page, you can find many free online Pornhub video downloaders. We have tested some of them and found surprising facts - Almost all of them can download Pornhub videos truly but some of them don't support HD video download, some require you to pay for 1080p resolution Pornhub video download, and some only provide you with one resolution. At the same time, errors may occur after you click on the download button or during the download session.

What's worse, there are many pop-out advertisement windows or webpages so that you may click it by accident and then you will find your computer is installed with malware. They may also steal your download history and user information. So, we don't recommend you to try an online Pornhub video downloader unless you want to imperil your personal information or device security. The best solution is to resort to a reliable desktop Pornhub Video Downloader.

Q: How to Batch Download Pornhub Videos?

To batch download Pornhub videos, all you need to do is paste another video URL to the analyzing bar on Inovideo when the current video is downloading.

If you want to batch download all videos from a model page, a pornstar page, or a playlist from Pornhub, copy the page URL instead of the video URL, then drop it onto Inovideo and select the item.

Q: How to Download Pornhub to MP3?

During Step 4, namely selecting output format when you are downloading Pornhub with Inovideo, switch the option from "video" to "audio". Then select the MP3 quality and download it.


To sum up, if you require a safe and simple way to download Pornhub videos in high quality for offline watching, Inovideo is your best solution. What's more, it can also download over 1000+ online video websites. Download it and have a try!

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