People who love Japanese ACGN or Vocaloid must be familiar with the popular Japanese streaming site, which is Niconico Douga. It would be easy for people to find tons of anime episodes, video games, and other kinds of video resources for watching online freely. However, some people may also want to download videos from Niconico for watching without an account or Internet connection. Although Niconico doesn't provide a direct way to do it, there are different methods you can try to download Niconico to MP4. In this article, there are 3 methods provided. Now you can have a look.

Free Download Niconico Videos with Desktop Downloader - Safe & Stable

Finding a reliable Niconico video downloader can directly help people download videos from the online website to common video files for watching on desktops without an Internet connection. If you are also finding a workable Niconico video downloader for your laptop or MacBook and wish to get a safe and stable performance on downloading Niconico videos offline, don't miss Inovideo now.

Inovideo provides a stable downloading function for both Windows and Mac users to easily download online videos from more than 1000 sites, including Niconico and other popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and so on. It offers the best quality such as 8K, 4K, 1080p, and 720p (according to the original one) to people and lets you have the same high-quality video playback experience offline.

Bonus Features

  • Allows downloading Niconico videos to MP4 at the best 1080p
  • Offers user-friendly UI to download Niconico videos easily
  • Downloads videos from more than 1000 websites other than Niconico
  • Supports converting playlists, channels, and albums for some sites
  • Supports downloading private videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram offline

Video Tutorial on Downloading Videos from Niconico

Here's how to download Niconico video using Inovideo

Step 1. Download and Install Nicovideo Downloader

Before starting to download Niconico videos, you need to download and install the Niconico Downloader, Inovideo, by clicking the download button provided above on your Windows and Mac computer first.

Inovideo Main Interface

Step 2. Copy and Paste Niconico Video URL

In the browser, go to Niconico's official site and search for the video you want to download offline. When you open the video page, you should copy the URL of the video from the address bar. After that, open Inovideo and paste the URL of the Niconico video to the search bar.

Copy Niconico Video URL

Step 3. Analyze Niconico Video URL and Download

After clicking the "Analyze" button, Inovideo will convert the Niconico video and provides the download options to you. Just select the MP4 format and the video quality you want. By pressing the "Download" button, you can download Niconico video to MP4 format for offline playback.

Inovideo Select Output Format

Step 4. Enjoy Downloaded Niconico Video Offline

Finally, when the Niconico video is downloaded, you can quickly open the output folder in the "Finished" tab, and click the "Open Folder" button to access it. Now, enjoy the Niconico video without limitations offline!

Inovideo Finished

How to Download Videos from Niconico with Chrome Extension/Firefox Add-on?

To download videos from online websites, using browser extensions is also a convenient way to get videos downloaded without complex operations. Here are two recommended Nicovideo downloader extensions available for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Let's have a look.

Video Downloader Plus - for Chrome

Video Downloader Plus is a Chrome extension available for people to download online videos easily from any website in the fastest way. It provides SD, HD quality to save the downloaded videos. Also, the common formats such as MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, MPG, and many more are provided for people to freely select, letting the downloaded videos can be played on all devices.

However, this extension needs to pay for downloading Niconico videos.

Video Downloader Plus Extension

Video DownloadHelper - for Firefox

For Firefox browser users, Video DownloadHelper provides a simple way to download videos from Niconico and other websites only by one easy click. When the add-on detects the video shown on the web page, it will provide the download buttons allowing people to download the online videos after clicking the provided download button.

Video DownloadHelper Add-on

Steps to Download Niconico Video Using Browser Extension

The operations to download online videos using the browser extensions would be similar, so I will just simply introduce the way to download Niconico videos with the help of Video Downloader Plus on Chrome.

Step 1 First, people should install Video Downloader Plus on the Chrome browser at first.

Step 2 Go to Niconico video and open the video page with the video you want to download offline. Then click the extension icon.

Step 3 Then the extension will detect the video and offers the download buttons of different output quality for you to download the Niconico video offline. Just choose the open and click the "Download" button for saving it offline immediately.

Video Downloader Plus Downloads Niconico Video

How to Download Nicovideo Free Online Without App Installation?

Using an online video downloader to download Niconico videos offline is also a popular way because people don't need to install any software or extension to the computer, and most such online downloaders provide the download service for free. Keepvid is such an online downloader providing the convenient feature to directly download Niconico videos for offline playback. Here we've concluded the main features of it, and also some unexpected disadvantages.

Keepvid Homepage

Pros and Cons


  • Doesn't need to install other software or extension
  • Offers free service without payment required
  • Provides fast speed to download online videos to computers
  • Offers an easy-to-use function to download videos online


  • There are many ads on the websites
  • Some online video downloaders are not safe, which may easily get some malware, Trojan horse virus downloaded when downloading online videos
  • Easily causes a threat to computers and safety of the personal information
  • The downloading process may not be 100% successful


Comparing the above three methods for Niconico download, we can easily conclude that the extensions and online video downloaders would be much more convenient to use because they don't need people to install the software again. However, Inovideo would provide much stabler performance to download online videos from Niconico and other popular sites including Pornhub, Vimeo, and Instagram with faster speed and also even high quality. Now, it's time for you to select the best method to download Niconico videos for having a try!

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