As a user of Vimeo, you may want to download your favorite videos so you can watch them on your computer without being connected to the Internet or on mobile devices like Android or iPhone. Some videos have their own download buttons above the description which allow you to download videos directly from Vimeo, but this is usually up to the original uploader. If that button isn't there, you should use a tool to help you. Fortunately for you, below it's a really easy and private way to save Vimeo videos even if they don't have download buttons.

VideoSolo Inovideo (opens new window) is such a convenient application that enables you to download embedded Vimeo videos with fast speed and in batches. Incredible quality can be chosen like UHD, FHD and HD. You don't need to worry about its security because it's a 100% reliable, safe and secure tool which can save the Vimeo video to your computer flawlessly.

Note: If you're going to make a copy of a video on Vimeo, be aware of the creator's stance.

# Convenient Solution! Help You Download Vimeo Videos Within Minutes

# Step 1. Launch VideoSolo Inovideo

To get started, install VideoSolo Inovideo and please make sure you have downloaded the right version (Windows or Mac). Then open it on your computer.

Main Interface

Tip: The picture above is the main interface of Windows version. There is converter function for Mac version which enables you convert the video you downloaded.

Go to the specific page on Vimeo that contains the video you want to save. Copy the link from the address bar on the top of the page.

Copy the Vimeo Video Link

Fill the Vimeo video link to the URL box. You can change the output location to a place you want from the left bottom for better management. Then click on "Analyze" button.

Choose Output Folder

# Step 4. Choose the Resolution and Save the Video

If the analysis done properly, a new window will pop up. Now you can choose the quality and format (MP4/MP3) you want. Click "Download" and it will start to download videos from Vimeo to PC.

Choose Output Format

Note: VideoSolo Inovideo allows you to download the best quality of Vimeo video, including 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K, etc. The output quality is closely related to the original video and Inovideo provides you highest standards of videos as it can. Usually, it will be 1080p as the highest resolution.

Now you can watch Vimeo videos offline wherever you want, even on an airplane or any place with no or unstable internet connection. In the meantime, if you want to watch them on your iPhone/Android or othe devices, just transfer them from your computer to the portable device.

The VideoSolo Inovideo (opens new window) can not only download Vimeo videos but also support to download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram videos. The steps are quite similar to those mentioned above. Now enjoy your videos with just simple clicks!

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