Udemy is an online platform where offers online courses such as IT, business, design, and so on for learning. But the Udemy lessons are not available for download on computers unless teachers enable the download option. What's more, the offline lessons provided on Udemy for Business mobile app will be expired after 30 days. So how to download Udemy videos easily? If you want to download Udemycourses so that you can watch them again and again for deep learning, you can try one of the four Udemy course downloadersbelow to do it.

1. How to Download Udemy Videos without Download Option (Most Reliable)

The first solution to download Umedy videos easily is to use a reliable desktop Udemy downloader- VideoSolo Inovideo. It offers high-quality video downloading function to save videos from more than 1,000 platforms, not only Udemy but including Dailymotion,YouTube, Facebook, and so on.What's more, Inovideoprovidesreliable featuresto bring user-friendly service to download Umedy videos easily, for example:

  • High quality such as 1080p and 4K to save Umedy videos.

  • Download Udemy video with its subtitles if provided.

  • Batch download several videos at the same time.

  • Simple and intuitive interface making the function easy-to-use.

Step 1. Install and Open Udemy Video Downloader

By clicking the "Download" button provided above,you can easily download and then install Inovideo to the computer with Windows or Mac system. When the programis installed, open it and enter the interface of the downloader.

Main Interface of Udemy Video Dwonloader

Step 2. Copy Udemy Video URL

Open Udemy website in the browser. When you also go to the Udemy lesson that you need to download, copy its URL from the URL address place.

Udemy Copy URL

Step 3. Paste Udemy Video URL to Analyze

After getting the URL of the course, go back to Inovideo and paste the URL into the input box. Then press the "Analyze" button, the analysis will start.

Inovideo Paste URL

Step 4. Download Udemy Video in MP4

Wait for a moment and Inovideo will pop up a window where providessome format and quality choices to download Udemy video. You can select the format andqualityaccording to your need, then by clicking "Download", the Udemy lesson can be downloaded.

Inovideo Download Udemy Lesson

2. Extra Tips - Three Available Udemy Course Downloaders for Free

Except for the VideoSolo Inovideo, here are also the other three workable Udemy downloaders that you can choose to download Udemy courses freely. They also have easy-to-use designs that provide simple help on different devices.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is not a desktop programbut a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.When you open the Udemy video lesson in the browser, click this extension and it can detectthe video, which allows you to keep the video immediately. Video DownloadHelper is easy-to-use, offering the simplest way for Chrome browser users to download Umedy lessonseasily.

Video DownloadHelper


  • Supports to download HLS, DASH videos, and image galleries

  • Ads-blocking service is provided

  • Manages several downloads at once

  • Freely controls the downloading process


  • Only supports Chrome and Firefox

  • Only available on several video websites

  • Sometimes would fail to read the videos shown on the web pages

Udeler Udemy Course Downloader

Udeler Udemy Course Downloader is a desktop application that is specially designed for downloading Udemy lessons. After installing Udeler Udemy Course Downloader to your computer, you also need to add an extension.Then when you log in to your Udemy account on the website, the app can also detect the login information. It will provide the free lessons and also those you have enrolled for you to download through using the software. The downloaded Udemy courses will be saved to the folder on your computer directly.

Udeler Udemy Course Downloader


  • Combines the app with Udemy online platform to sync the login information

  • Supports on Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Doesn't need to turn between software and website frequently


  • It will read your account information, which may cause worry to some users

  • Needs to install a bundled extension for using the software

  • Only supports download Udemy videos and some blocked videos cannot download sometimes.


Unlike the above two Udemy downloaders,Keepv.id is an online service that can be used on all devices, including computers and mobile phones. After getting the URL of the Udemy lesson you need to download, by pasting it to the input box provided on Keepv.id and you can finish the converting and downloading steps very easily. In conclusion, this downloader is more suitable for people who don't want to install software or extension to download Udemy lessons.



  • Provides fast speed to convert and download Udemy videos

  • Offers good quality to download

  • Supports more video sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter


  • When the videos are long, ittakesa long time to analyze the URLwhich is annoying

3. How to Download Udemy Courses Using Built-in Download Button

Although Udemy courses are not supported to be downloaded on computers, some are available for mobile app users to save offline. The following will show you how to download a Udemy lecture on iOS and Android (the way is the same).

Step 1. After opening the lecture in Udemy app on iPhone, in the "Lectures" list, you can see all the available lessons on this topic.

Step 2. Click the grey download icon behind the lesson, and the Udemy video will start to be downloaded.

Mobile Download Single Udemy Lecture

You can also press the download icon set on the top of the right side above the lecture list for downloading all the included lessons at once.

Mobile Download All Udemy Lectures

Step 3. After the lesson is downloaded, the download icon will be colored, and you can directly play the lesson even there has no Internet connection.

Tip for Android:

For Android phones, people can set to download the Udemy lessons to an external SD card instead of using up the storage of the phone. Here is the way to set:

Step 1. Inside Udemy app, click "Account" and then go to "Download options".

Step 2. Just by toggling the "Download to SD card" option on, and your downloaded Udemy lessons will be saved to the SD card directly.

Android Save Udemy Videos to SD Card

Comparedto the browser extension, online downloader, and Udemy mobile app, using VideoSolo Inovideo to download videos from Udemy has obvious advantages, for example, the quality is higher, downloading performance would be stabler, and you can download anyUdemy lessons/courses. As a result, Inovideo can be the top 1 Udemy video downloader. What's more, it supports to download videos from 1000+ webites. Have a try!

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