Supporting streaming tons of movies and TV shows, Netflix is a somehow user-friendly platform. Not only does it allow you to watch videos online, but also it provides a download button on its Netflix app with which some films and episodes can be downloaded and watched offline. You may find it easy to download the app on your phone or a Windows computer, but you can't find it from the App Store on your MacBook. Can you download Netflix on Mac exactly? How can you watch Netflix on Mac without Wi-Fi?

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Can You Download Netflix on Mac Directly?

Well, it's disappointing but the answer is no. You can't download the Netflix app on Mac directly because no such software is developed by Netflix. Wait, why do you want to download Netflix on your MacBook? If you are just looking for a way to watch Netflix movies offline, you can just download them with a Netflix video downloader that enables you to download any films and TV shows from Netflix to your MacBook. It's easy and free but you need to install the downloader on your computer first.

If you still wish to figure out how to download Netflix on your MacBook, here is a workaround: downloading and Installing iOS/ Android/ Windows OS using VirtualBox. And then download the Netflix app on the virtual machine on your MacBook. It's complicated for newbies but I will show you each step needed.

Download Netflix Movies to MP4 on Mac

Batch download Netflix movies and shows
Save Netflix videos to MP4/WebM
Extract Netflix audio to MP3 up to 320kbps
Merge video subtitles into Netflix movies/shows
Rip videos from 1000+ websites including YouTube
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Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.12 or above; Windows 11/10/8/7/XP (SP3 or below)

How to Get Netflix on MacBook as an Installed Windows App?

As mentioned, if you wish to download Netflix app on MacBook, you need to seek help from VirtualBox. And you are going to operate on the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and download Netflix in it. After that, you can download Netflix movies or shows on your MacBook and watch them offline.

However, videos played from the Virtual desktop can't be as good as the original quality that is directly from Netflix on your Mac browser. And if you don't insert the Guest Additions CD Image onto the Windows operating system, you can only watch the Netflix movies through a small window.

What You Need to Prepare Before Downloading Netflix on MacBook

  • A MacBook that can have access to the internet
  • A Windows 10 ISO file
  • VirtualBox with a correct version
  • A Netflix account

How to Download Netflix on MacBook Using VirtualBox

You need to make sure that the preparations listed above are done. If you are not sure whether you buy the Windows OS or not, you can start with a trial version for 90 days. Before starting to download Netflix on MacBook, you should install and set up the Windows container first.

VirtualBox Download Page

Step 1 Launch VirtualBox and click on "New".

Step 2 Name the Windows OS, select a machine folder, and select a Windows version matching the one you've downloaded from Microsoft.

Step 3 Move the slider to customize the memory size for the Windows OS. You can set it up as the recommended one or a bigger one you prefer.

Step 4 Hit continue and create a virtual hard disk now.

Create a Virtual Hard Disk

Step 5 Then make sure the selected option is VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and click Continue. When you see the "Storage on physical hard disk", select "Dynamically allocated" and continue.

Step 6 Now set up the file location and size and click on the create button. You'd better make it a big one if you are going to download Netflix movies offline.

Create Windows 10 on VirtualBox

Step 7 After you created the container, go to "Settings > Storage". Hit the empty disc icon, then click the icon under "Attributes" on the right which shares the same icon with the empty disc. Then "Choose a disk file…", navigate to the file you downloaded and open it. And click "OK".

Now you are going to get the Windows 10 powered on. Go back to the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and hit the green arrow icon to start. Then follow the instructions to sign in to Microsoft Windows. After all settings, you can download the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store.

After all the settings are done, you can run the Windows OS on your MacBook. But you will find that the operating window can't be scaled even if you click on the maximize button. For a better Netflix offline playback experience, maybe you can try downloading movies or shows from Netflix to MP4 on your MacBook.

Running Windows 10 on Mac on VirtualBox

How to Download Netflix Movies to MP4 on Mac for Offline Viewing?

You can download Netflix movies on Mac using a Netflix movie downloader. Inovideo is a decent tool that can download Netflix with high quality. It's a desktop downloader that directly rips movies or TV shows off Netflix with the video URL. With Inovideo, you can even download Netflix titles that are not in the "Available for Download" category. And the downloads will no longer be locked in the Netflix app, you can transfer the videos to any device that supports MP4 and enjoy them without Wi-Fi. You can even share the Netflix MP4 movies with your friends without lending them your account.

Not only can this software download videos from Netflix, but also it can convert URLs to MP4 for more than 1000 online websites such as YouTube, Fmovies, Instagram, etc. It's extremely easy and I am going to show you how to download Netflix on MacBook on it.

Step 1. Download and Install Inovideo

Click on the right button below to download this Netflix downloader then install it.

Step 2. Copy Netflix Video Link

Open Netflix on your browser and log in. And navigate to the movie/show you wish to download. Then copy the URL from the address bar.

Copy Netflix URL

Step 3. Paste Video Link

Launch Inovideo and paste the link to its analysis bar. Then hit "Analyze".

Paste Netflix Video URL

Step 4. Download Netflix on Mac

When the video analysis is done, you will see a pop-up window that provides several video resolutions. You can select your desired one and hit the download button to download it.

Download Netflix on Mac


Actually, there's no Netflix app for Mac to download and install directly. But you can download Netflix on Mac via a Windows operating system that is run by VirtualBox. It allows you to download Netflix movies offline on your computer but due to the small resolution of the Windows OS, you can't watch them with high quality and high resolutions.

Inovideo is a tool that helps you download Netflix movies to MP4 HD or even UHD. So, if the reason why you wonder how to download Netflix on MacBook is you want to watch it without Wi-Fi, then using Inovideo will be much easier and better.

Also Download from: Youtube | Dailymotion | Twitter | Facebook | TikTok

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