It is increasingly popular for users to download videos and audios via a third-party software. Now, a number of video downloaders are available on the market, including online video downloaders, desktop versions as well as some with Chrome extensions. When it comes to the free services provided by these downloaders, have you thought about their safety? Or is a safe video downloader your top option? For example, is there any pop-ups appearing when you use a video downloader? Or does it come with a malware? This article will review an emerging video downloader called Inovideo, which is one of the best YouTube video downloaders recently. Well, is Inovideo a safe video downloader for your choice?

Is VideoSolo Inovideo Safe

Inovideo is a desktop tool to convert video URL to MP4 and MP3 format with high output quality at fast speed. On itsdownload site, many users speak highly of its safety. To verify this, I downloaded and tested Inovideo. In the following, I amgoing to review whether Inovideois safe.

Clean Installation

Inovideo is a desktop-based video downloader. It does not come with any automatic installation of potentially unwanted apps or malware, or the pop-up adds of which can redirect you to dubious sites. There is no installation of extensions with Inovideo to the browser, so you will not expose to dangerous sites that can lead to malware infections and virus attacks. Moreover, no registration is required. With Inovideo, you don't need to worry about information leakage in downloading videos or audios from websites.

Safe Purchase

The payment in Inovideo is processed by a leading digital commerce provider called Digital River. It offers 7-day money back guarantee for subscription, and 30-day money back guarantee for lifetime license. And your privacy is protected by SSL tech.

After you subscribe to a registered version, the monthly and yearly plan will renew automatically. But don't worry about that, you can cancel the subscriptionat any time. If you have any problems with Inovideo, please send an email to support team who will response to you within 24 hours.

Secure Exit

After you exit Inovideo, it will not run in the background.

Videosoloinovideo.exe is an executable file, the location of which can help you judge it as a legitimate Window process or a virus. Microsoft's Process Explorer can help you determine the path of videosoloinovideo.exe. Start the Explorer (require no installation) and activate "Check Legends" under Options. Then head to View > Select Columns and add "Verified Signer". You will see a Verified Signature label, signaling videosoloinovideo.exe is safe.

Thus, Inovideo is reliable and 100% safe to use. With several clicks, you can enjoy your video with no worries about your information leakage.

Is It Worth Using VideoSolo Inovideo?

The answer is definitely of course with the following highlighted features of Inovideo.

  • Supported Various Websites

Inovideo is a versatile video downloader. It works on 1000+video sites, including YouTube , Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TED, Vimeo , Pornhub and so on.

  • Supported Formats and Systems

Output format

Video: MP4, Webm

Audio: MP3

Inovideo offers different output formats according to the original video.

  • Compatible Systems

Windows: Windows 10/8/7/XP (SP3 or later)

Mac: Mac OS X 10.12 or above

  • Batch Download

You can download online video in batch with Inovideo. And now, there is no number limitations in this program. And you can control the download process, for instance, pause and continue the downloading.

  • Fast Downloading Speed

The advanced download technology embedded in Inovideo enables it to download internet videos in full speed, much faster than many other online video downloaders.

  • Save Audio Track to MP3

With Inovideo, not only can you download music from some music websites but also you can extract audio from video and keep it as a separate file in MP3 format.

  • Intuitive Interface

Inovideo has a clean and intuitive interface. The operating buttons are highlighted for easy recognition and the instruction is concise and efficient. No adds or redundant design will come into your sight. So, you can get started easily without any disturbance.

How to Download YouTube Video Safely and Quickly

VideoSolo Inovideo is a safe and professional video downloader for Windows and Mac. You can download a single video or entire playlist to high-quality MP4, Webm or MP3 file in a few clicks. It supports you to download videos from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion , Nio Nico and so on. Next is the step-by-step guide on how to download YouTube video.

Step 1. Download and Launch Inovideo

Click the button above to download and install Inovideo on your computer and then open the program.

Inovideo Interface

Step 2. Copy YouTube Video URL

Move to YouTube and open the video you want to download. Then copy the URL from the top column of the page or right-click the video for its link.

Copy YouTube Video Link

Step 3. Paste the URL to the Search Field

Turn back to Inovideo and fill the video URL to the bar. You can use the default System output location or specify a locale from the left bottom. Then tap on the "Analyze" button.

Paste the Video URL to the Bar

Step 4. Choose Format and Resolution

After the video analysis is finished, a new window will come to your sight. Select the format and resolution you want. Then click on the button "Download" to kick off the downloading.

Choose the Format and Resolution


  • MP4 or Webm is available for your choice when you download YouTube video. It's recommended that you select MP4, since it is the most compatible format for you to play the downloaded video at any devices.

  • Inovideo can automatically detect subtitle of YouTube video, and allows you to download it to VTT, TTML, SRV with clicks on Downloader > Subtitle.

Step 5. Enjoy the Downloaded Video

After the downloading is done, head to the "Finished" tab for the video.

Finished Tab for Video

User Comments

My personal experience with Inovideo:

The installation is very easy and time-saving. I made it within 40 seconds. I love its interface--very concise and clean. I can easily download YouTube videos with just several clicks. And it runs at full speed, very smoothly. Most important, no malware, adds and any pop-ups find their presence in Inovideo, I feel comfortable and secure about this.

There are some user reviews of Inovideo:

“This software is simple to use and does exactly what's supposed to. Now downloading online videos is easy for me.” —Nicholas Forster from Mainz, Germany

“I have tried many video downloading tools and very few can compare with Inovideo. The speed is great and the output quality is excellent.” —Kelly, Todd from Austin, the United States

“Without any spyware and virus, Inovideo really does a good job in downloading internet videos. I highly recommend it!!!” —Ruud Somers from Hobart, Australia

“You can use VideoSolo Inovideo to download videos from numerous platforms using the same GUI. YouTube, Facebook, CNN, NASA, Vevo, these just some websites the service works with.” —Eva Williams , software journalist

VideoSolo Inovideo allows you to enjoy a hassle-free online video downloading from a large variety of websites. It is a perfect option for those who want a secure, speedy and easy video downloading.

If you are now disturbed by the apps, ads or malware embedded in your video downloader, why not turn to a safe video downloader? Inovideo will not disappoint you. Give it a shot!

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