Metacafe is one of the largest online video streaming websites, where avails people to enjoy funny video clips for entertaining. Neverthelessly, some people would rather pursue a way to download Metacafe videos in that they can spread the fun offline, like watching with friends. Although Metacafe doesn't provide an official way to download Metacafe videos, using a third-party Metacafe video downloader can work it out. In this post, we will introduce two best MetaCafe downloaders and show you how to download Metacafe videos easily.

Part 1. Best MetaCafe Downloader - VideoSolo Inovideo

VideoSolo Inovideo is ranked as the best Metacafe downloader for downloading videos from Metacafe with the out-performing services. The software surprises users with superior video downloading functions, holding the compatibility to download videos from over 1,000 streaming sites such as YouTube , Vimeo , Dailymotion , and so forth. VideoSolo Inovideo contributes to the user-friendly downloading process by providing the following sparkling features:

  • High resolutions: support high output resolution, including HD, 4K, and even 8K to output videos

  • MP3 converter: avail to convert MetaCafe audioto MP3 for listening offline

  • Playlist and subtitle downloader: empower to download YouTube playlists and subtitles from videos to enhance the efficiency

  • Swift performance: accelerate the converting and downloading speed to be more time-saving

  • Batch download: download multiple videos/audios simultaneously

Step 1. Install VideoSolo Inovideo

Simply click on the provided download button aboveand complete the installation through easy setup process. Then launch Inovideo.

VideoSolo Inovideo Main Interface

Step 2. Copy Metacafe Video Link

Open Metacafe platform in browser. Subsequently, click on the video you prefer to download offline, and move to the address bar on top of the page for copying its link.

Copy Metacafe Video Link

Step 3. Paste and Analyze Metacafe Video Link

Then go backto Inovideo. Now please paste the link of the Metacafe video to the downloading bar. Subsequently, tab the Analyze button for resolving the link.

Analyze Link

Step 4. Download Metacafe Video

After the downloading results generated by Inovideo, you are able to select MP4 or MP3 as the output format, and also the resolution you need to encode the video. At last, click on the Download button to keep the Metacafe video offline.

Choose Format to Download Metacafe Video

Step 5. Navigate to the Downloaded Metacafe Video

When the Metacafe video is downloaded to the local folder on your computer, you can move to Finished tab in Inovideo and check the downloading history. As you find the downloaded Metacafe in the list, click on the Open Folder option provided there and you will be navigated to the output folder for streaming the video offline right away. Enjoy the fun brought by the Metacafe video now!

Get Downloaded Metacafe Video

Part 2. Online MetaCafe Downloader for Free - OFFMP3

When the software-free online tools are becoming more convenient in modern life, people can also take advantage of such online tool to do what they need. This online Metacafe video downloader, OFFMP3 empowers the reliable online feature to help download videos from Metacafe to MP3 format. The guide is as follow:

Step 1.First, please open Metacafe in browser and select the video you are about to download. After clicking to play the video, you can copy its link from the address bar.

Step 2.When getting the Metacafe video link, open a new tab and direct to the homepage of OFFMP3. Subsequently, paste the video link to the downloading bar. After taping the Download button, OFFMP3 will analyze it right away.

Paste Link to OFFMP3

Step 3.Only one more step here! When OFFMP3 completes the conversion and generates the downloading options to you, select the format and quality in your preference, and finally, click on Download to keep the Metacafe video offline.

Part 3. Verdict

Comparing to the desktop software, VideoSolo Inovideo, OFFMP3 can be accessed on more devices in that it is an online service. Despite this, OFFMP3 reveals its drawbacks, for example, it would be less stable, fewer high-quality resolutions available to encode the videos, and is only Metacafe-oriented, meaning that it is further less compatible than Inovideo. To draw a conclusion, the key distinguishes between VideoSolo Inovideo and OFFMP3 can be described as the table showed below:

VideoSolo Inovideo


Supported video sites




Video - HD 720p, HD 1080p, 4K, 8KAudio - up to320kbps

Limited choices


MP3, MP4 and more



Quick speed with batch download feature

Smooth speed, sometimes will get stuck

Editing methods

Not available yet

Simple cutting and trimming feature

If you still consider a way to download Metacafe for sharing, collecting, or self-enjoying offline, both the software-based and online Metacafe video downloaders are ready to help now. We prefer VideoSolo Inovideo which is reliable,stable and versatile. Hope you can enjoy more video clips with the best dreaming experience offline for catching up the fun!

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