V LIVE (also called Vlive) is a live broadcast platform with the theme of star live broadcast. In V LIVE, you can view the live broadcast of the stars who you are fond of and interact with them. If you want to watch later or to keep the videos, a Vlive downloader can help you download a Vlive video into your device without hassle. Now, Let's see the best 5 ways to download Vlive videos/playlist with subtitles easily.

Best Vlive Downloader to Download Vlive Videos

Inovideo is a reliable Vlive downloader that can help you download videos from the Vlive platform with super-high resolution. With the help of the latest technology, Inovideo can download Vlive videos in batches at high speed. Not only that, you can download Vlive playlists you prefer within clicks. Subtitle download is also available in the latest version. Thanks to the lightweight interface without ads, you can use it easily.

Step 1. Launch Vlive Video downloader

After download and installation, tap on the program icon to launch it. Then you can see its clean main interface.

Main Interface of Vlive Downloader

Step 2. Copy Video Link from the Vlive

Pick one of Vlive videos you want to download and then copy its link from the page.

Copy Vlive Video Link

Step 3. Paste Vlive Video Link

Then, go back to Inovide and paste the URL into the link box. Click the "Analyze" button to continue the download process.

Paste Vlive Video Link

Step 4. Choose Output Video Format/Quality

After analyzing, the main interface will pop up a window where you can select the output format. Then, choose the output quality you need and click the "Download" button. (The best video graphic or its resolution depends on video genesis on the platform). If the original video provides subtitles, Inovideo can detect it out and you can download it if you want.

Choose Vlive Video Format

The Vlive video will start downloading automatically. When the process is finished, you can go to the "Finished" tab to enjoy the downloaded Vlive video.

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Other 3 Online Ways to Download Video from Vlive

Now, we would introduce other 3 online ways to download video from Vlive. The platforms are Fetchfile, Vidfrom and Amoyshare. They can be used on any devices.


Fetchfile (fetchfile.net) is a free online downloader that allows Windows users to download videos from Vlive for free and fast. It is a simple web service to download Vlive video in different formats (mp4, webm, audio, 3gpp, x-flv) and quality (the highest quality that you can download is 1080P only). However, as a free Vlive downloader, the ads will pop out on the left of the page after keying the video url. What's more, the subtitle download is unavailable. Batch download isn't available.



Vidfrom is also a free online Vlive downloader (web service) with an ultra-lightweight interface. Now, vidfrom has been adapted to windows and Android, users can download videos directly into their phones and PCs by simple operations and watch them later without connecting to the internet. However, users have very little choice in video format and image quality. Subtitle download and batch download cannot be suoported.



As one of a free online Vlive downloader which support Windows, Mac and Android system, Amoyshare is a no-ads downloader that allows users to download their favourite videos with high quality and fast speed. But in output format options, users also have very few choices on this web service. As for subtitle downloads and other functions, they are unavailable on the website, you should download its application (Anyvid) into your device. It's free for download, but users need to buy before using.


How to Download Vlive Videos on Android

As for Android users that can not watch the live broadcast in real time, Video Downloader for V Live is one of the applications that they usually use. As a free Vlive Downloader in Google Play, it provides all Android users with fast speed in downloading Vlive videos and excellent quality. However, as a free app, it still has a small number of bugs and occasionally reports errors due to server latency. But it will get more and better in the furture upgrade.

Video Downloader for V Live

After introducing 5 best Vlive downloaders, you may have your own choice. They all have their pros and cons. Among them, Inovideo shows its great performance in downloading Vlive videos for its high video/audio quality, stable performance and 1000+ video websites download supported. Have a try!

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