is a popular video live platform where you can watch live concerts, gameplays, webinars, tutorials, etc. You can learn and enjoy from these live videos but they are not live all the time. What's more, it's also convenient to save them for offline watching. For these, many people prefer to download livestream video. Here, I compile 3 easy ways on how to download livestream videos for you.

Inovideo - How to Download Livestream Video in High Quality (Recommended)

VideoSolo Inovideo is a powerful livestream video downloader that helps users download livestream video in simple steps. You just need to copy & paste the video link and then the program will proceed. It supports users to download Livestream video in 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc for better enjoyment. What's more, it supports 6X faster download speed so that you can finish downloading even you download multiple tasks simultaneously.

Step 1. Download VideoSolo Inovideo

From above button, download the right version to your computer and click the installer to finish the installation. After that, launch the program.

Notice: Please make sure you are in smooth Internet.

Main Interface of Livestream Video Dwonloader

Step 2. Copy Livestream Video Link

Open the Livestream video you want to download. You need to copy the video link from the browser.

Copy Livestream Video Link

Step 3. Input the URL in the Address Bar

Go back to VideoSolo Inovideo. Input the URL in the address bar and click "Analyze" to proceed the downloading. This analysis process will be done within seconds.

Paste Livestream Video Link

Step 4. Download Livestream Video

Once the analysis done, it will pop out a window. Here, you can select video resolution and video format at will. You can download videos of different resolutions in the same time. Now you can click "Download" to download the livestream video.

Choose Livestream Video Format

You will see the progress bar on the download interface. Once completed, the downloaded video will appear in the "Finished" tab.

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BitDwonloader - Download Livestream Video Online for Free

Considering some people tend to use free service, so we also find a free online tool to download livestream video – BitDownloader. Its operation is also simple and just need to copy and paste video URL. But you have to notice that this downloader can only download up to 720p for livestream video. Like other online video downloaders, it doesn't support batch download and cannot choose video format. If you don't mind these, this will be your choice.


VLC Media Player – Record Livestream Video for Offline Watching

This method is not to download livestream video but offer you a way to watch livestream video offline. VLC Media Player, a powerful media player for video/audio, enables users to record livestream video. You can find this function by opening Network Stream under the media menu. Then, copy and paste the livestream video link into the address box. This method cannot record video to the best quality and you need to choose the right video format for your livestream video. Or you can't open the recorded livestream video because of incompatibility. If you are a newbie, we don't recommend you to use this method in case of data loss.

VLC Open Media

That's all on how to download livestream video. These three livestream video downloaders have their own pros and cons. You can choose one to suit your need. For me, I choose VideoSolo Inovideo for its high quality, super-fast speed and easy-to-use operation. This versatile downloader supports download over 1000 online video website. It also provides free trial version. Just download and try!

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