is a perfect community of game developers, artists, musicians, voice actors and writers. Moreover, it allows uploading, sharing, watching videos and listening audios, etc., but it does not support downloading. When you browse this website, you may find a video that is very attractive or brings you countless inspirations. And you may want to save it and watch it over and over again at spare time. But many online downloaders cannot download newgrounds videos. So in today's post, I will introduce two reliable ways to download Newgrounds.

Method 1: Download Newgrounds Videos/Playlist/Audio within Clicks (Recommended)

The first method is a professional Newgrounds video/audio downloader - VideoSolo Inovideo .It can download Newgorungds video, playlist, music/audio, etc. And its advantages are mainly reflected on these two aspects:

  1. high-quality video download, with the audio reaching 320kbps, and the video provided in MP4 format 8K, 4K, 1080P and 720P resolution.
  2. Easy operation, with easysteps and the ability to download entire Newgrounds video playlist within minutes.

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on downloading Newgrounds video.

Step 1 Install Newgrounds Video Downloader

After downloading and installing the VideoSolo Inovideo, lauch it and enter into its clean main interface.

Install Newgrounds Video Downloader

Step 2. Copy Newgrounds Video Link You Desired

Locate the link of your favorite newsgrounds video and copy it from

Copy Newsgrounds Video Link

Step 3. Paste Newsground Video Link

Then go back to Inovideo and paste the link into the address box. Click the "Analyze" buttonto continue the process.

Paste Newsgrounds Video Link

Step 4. Choose Video Output Format

After you click the "Analyze" icon, it will pop up a window for you to choose the output video format.Choose the output format and video resolution, and click “Download” icon.

choose the video format

Step 5. Finished Downloading

Wait for seconds and when the downloading process finished, you can go to "Finished" tab– just on the upper center of this window, to check your downloaded videos.

check the download process

Method 2: Download and Save Videos from Newgrounds for Free

You can also download newsgrounds videos without any assisting software or any charges. Though it may be somewhat complicated. And the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the Newgrounds video you want to download.
  2. Press Control+ Shift + I

download newsgrounds videos online

  1. Click the Select Element button
  2. Click the videoand delete 3 attributes
  3. Click it and press the edit as HTML button
  4. Highlight the link
  5. Click the link and press the Open in new tab button
  6. Click the video and press the download button.

Helpful Tips about Newgrounds

  1. The users of are mainly 80s or 90s generations, that is, are mainly adults. And some works may concern about violence or something that is not appropriate for children. Thus, if any children or adolescents are interested in this web, they’d better be guided and protected by their parents.
  2. Pay attention that the video files that are allowed to upload are in MOV, MP4 and other common formats, and that the games are built in HTML5, Twine or Unity3D.
  3. This Web is a free community in which people share works equally. But it does not mean you can upload everything you want. So, remember that you should submit at least 4 works and then wait to be scouted by other more established users. And if passed, your works are allowed to be available for everyone else.
  4. The last but not least, your submitted works on newsgrounds should be original, otherwise, you are against the copyright laws.

Tosum up, downloading newsgrounds video/audio is quite practical and simple with these two methods. And the pros and cons of them are obvious. The second one, which involves 8steps, though is free to opreate, suits the users familiar with the computer. And if you are not expert on handling it, you'd better choose the Videosolo Inovideo and enjoy downloading newgrounds video with much simpleness and convenience and high-quality newsgrounds videos.

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