FAQs of Inovideo

Q 1.What are the limitations of the trial version for Inovideo?

In trial version, you can only

  • Download 10 UHD full videos in 2K, 4K, 8K.
  • Use this program for 15 days.
Q 2.How many videos can Inovideo download at one time?

Inovideo allows you to download video in batch. And now, it doesn't have the number limitations.

Q 3.Why can't download videos with Inovideo?

If you can't download the video, please try the following solutions:

1. Make sure you can watch the video on the website.

2. Make sure that you computer has connected to a smooth network.

3. Try to upgrade the Inovideo to the latest version.

4. Some video links may be blocked and therefore cannot be downloaded, please change another one to try again.

If you still can't use the Inovideo to download video successfully, please submit the log file in the program and send the video link to us via email.

Q 4.What output formats does Inovideo support?

Now Inovideo only supports MP4, MP3 and Webm format (Mac version doesn't support Webm). On Mac version, there is a build-in Video Converter which allows you to convert downloaded videos to the format you desired.

Q 5.Which websites does Inovideo support?

Due to some reasons, we can't list all the website which Inovideo support for you. You can directly download the trial version to have a try. If the trial version is expired, you can ask us via email.

Q 6.What to do if you don't receive the license code?

If you didn't receive the license code, you can contact [email protected] for further help.

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